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The mission of A Chance for Change is to provide underserved communities with school supplies through our student-led program "Build a Backpack". 

With educational and leadership initiatives, our activities are designed to catalyze transformation rooted in the fundamentals of social responsibility and cultural acceptance. 

The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication to providing students within developing countries with access to school supplies.

The heart of our Organization revolves around incorporating, encouraging, and empowering our youth’s confidence in their ability to make a difference.

Rooted in the philosophies of theorists and educators who believe students learn through meaningful experiences-

Our program, “Build a Backpack” is designed to complement existing core education that introduces issues from a global perspective by making these concerns local.

"Build a Backpack" partners with local schools to raise awareness about educational inequality and provides a philanthropic platform for students to get involved.

We start with a presentation introducing under-served communities, highlighting the importance of education for growth. We then proceed with an interactive event where students will move from stations of school supplies to assemble backpacks that will be sent across the globe to those in need.

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Core Values


to Diversity 

We recognize our mission is best advanced by the leadership and contribution of people with widely diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities. We recruit and develop staff that reflects the global character of our Organization, leveraging our differences to be more effective in understanding and achieving our mission. 


Guided by integrity, our mission is geared toward creating leaders and change-makers in our community and abroad. Integrating programs in schools that highlight the importance in our society. 

Community and Culture

Our team at A Chance for Change works with great awareness and sensitivity to the economic reality within the communities and cultures we serve. Recognizing the many different needs, values, and traditions- respect and sensitivity are paramount in helping our partners abroad. 

Meet the Team

Behind every good innovation and achievement -

The team leading A Chance for Change:

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