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A Chance for Change

At A Chance for Change, we care about our youth and strive to provide them with all the resources they need in order to become successful leaders in their home communities. We are committed to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow - and couldn’t have gotten this far without your generous contributions. Donate today, and make the biggest impact on the lives of our community’s youth.

Your donation provides the essential requirements for our youth program to fulfill its duties in supplying students around the world with school supplies. We are extremely grateful for your support in our growth and commit to building A Chance for Change to its highest potential. 

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The average student supplies list is increasingly growing, and in nations we serve such as India, the need for support is immense!
By selecting a provided list, you will be adopting students' needs for an entire year or
enter the desired amount you wish to donate! 


Korean School Classroom
Average School Supply List Amounts

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My name is Kiley Thomas, I'm the founder of A Chance for Change and would like to welcome you to our family personally!

We thank you for your support and feel honored for your interest!

In 2018 I decided to take a solo backpacking trip through India. Having never been outside of The United States, the recognition of overwhelming poverty in certain nations was unavoidable. 

Irrespective of barriers on a map, the disappointment I felt in humanity, in governments, in education, and in myself-  of having not been exposed to the degree and effects of poverty and having never taken the initiative to learn. 

Through this trip, I witnessed my experience quickly shift the essence of who I was and mold the becoming of someone I could stand proud to be.

I decided to then direct my efforts toward inspiring others to realize our responsibility in making a meaningful difference within the fabric of society. Realigning our focus with the well-being of humanity and taking the initiative to learn, grow, and build upon a chance for change. 

With an emphasis on human values-

My sincere concern and heartfelt responsibility shaped a now lifelong dedication to service.

Through effort, enthusiasm, concentration, values, and courage, I will passionately guide and serve our mission in creating A Chance for Change. 

Hoping you too are inspired to join the universal responsibility in shaping our interconnectedness with love and light. 

Kiley Brook Thomas

Founder, Kiley Thomas

Letter from our Founder:

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